Holiday Tree Care Important, but Easy

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To keep your Christmas tree as lovely and fresh as it was the day you        bought it, you need to follow a few simple but important steps. A Christmas tree needs to be treated with care. As soon as you get your tree home, you should make a fresh, straight cut across the base of the trunk. About 3/4 inch is enough.

After making the cut, you should put the tree in a water‑holding stand or a bucket of water. Don’t let the base of the tree dry out. If you do, a new sap or rosin seal will form. If this happens, you’ll have to make a new cut. If you are not going to put the tree in the house, put it in water in a cool, shaded, protected area.

After you put the tree in a stand, keep the stand full of water. In the first 24 hours it is quarts a day.

Though some folks say that putting bourbon, honey, Sprite, aspirin, commercial    additives and homemade concoctions in the stand will keep the tree fresh longer,  researchers say there’s no proof that this will really work. In fact, it may be harmful.

Our research says you can’t beat plain water. Keep your tree cool and away from drafts. Don’t put it near your fireplace, a heat source or a television set. Before hanging lights on the tree, be sure that the cords and connections are working properly. Don’t forget to unplug lights when you go to bed or leave home.