Bull Breeding Soundness Exams – Saturday, November 3

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Date/Time:  November 3, 2018, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:  Macon County Fairgrounds, Macon County NC

Veterinarian:  Dr. Jessica Scruggs

Cost:  $50.00/Bull

Exams will be scheduled throughout the day. Please call Joe Deal at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Macon County Center to schedule your bull’s exam time at 828-349-2046.

Bull breeding soundness exams (BSE) are recommended prior to the start of breeding season. A BSE is a point in time evaluation and is based upon a veterinarian’s best guess as to how a bull will perform. It does not determine a bulls sex drive, hierarchy in multi-sire pastures, cow fertility, or nutrition. The components of a BSE are a physical examination (feet, legs, eyes, teeth, flesh cover, scrotal size, and shape), internal and external evaluation of reproductive tract, and semen evaluation for sperm cell motility and normality.Image of a bull