Soil Sampling Season

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Soil samples can be taken anytime of the year. Taking soil samples in the fall will allow you to apply lime if needed this fall and give it time to adjust the pH of the soil before spring. Sampling in the fall also allows you to plan this winter for your spring application of fertilizer. Knowing what your soil needs can save you money, as well as increase yields and profits.

There is no sampling fee if samples are received before Thanksgiving. From Thanksgiving til April 1, the sampling fee is $4 per sample.There are the cost of shipping the boxes to Raleigh. Your livestock agent will be going to Raleigh on October 28 and will take anyone’s soil samples and deliver them to the soils lab that day at no cost to you. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity for free shipping, soil samples need to be received at the Extension office no later than Friday October 25th.

Soil sampling boxes and forms are available at the extension office. For more information on soil sampling, click on the link below.

Soil test kit with shovel

A soil test is the best way to determine lime and fertilizer needs.