Back to the Basics

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Back to the Basics! Have you ever asked yourself how to sew on a button, decorate your room, cook an easy recipe, make your own jam, or create a budget to get the latest phone? This is for you.

Covered Topics:

  • Back to the Kitchen – Basic canning techniques, MyPlate, kitchen safety, following recipes, cake decorating, and learning to set a table.
  • Back to Sewing – Introductions to sewing tools, simple stitches, create decorations, how to upcycle.
  • Back to the Bank – Make a budget, money use, calculator skills, SMART goals.

Ages: 9-13

Registration Cost: Free

Materials: In order to make the most of the Back to the Basics Virtual Camp, a material list is provided for you to purchase. The price is around $50 including recipe ingredients, craft materials, etc. You are not required to purchase all of the items, but they do help with your overall experience learning these vital life skills.

Read more at FCS Virtual Summer Programming.