Macon 4-H Garden Project

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4-H Garden Kit

Macon County 4-H Garden Kit

What is yellow, bumpy and great fried, sautéed or in a casserole – that’s right, squash we grow ourselves! During the month of June, 40 Macon County youth received a free 4-H Garden Kit that included: tomato plants, pepper plants, giant cabbage and pumpkins, zucchini and squash seeds, a bucket, fertilizer and a tool.

With the help of our sponsors Seay’s Farm and Garden, 4-H and Deal Family Farms, these young gardeners received what they needed to grow a wonderful garden. Every two weeks, our gardeners have the chance to check in online and learn a little about how to make their garden grow.

Macon County 4-H Agent, Tammara Talley did a 4-H Garden tour to check out some of these great 4-H grown gardens. Below are some pictures of 4-Her’s with their gardens.

4-H Gardeners with their kits. 4-Her in her garden 4-Her with her squash