EFNEP Teaches Foods 1 Students

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What does the 2020/2021 school year look like for Macon County Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program? This year Carol Pitts, Nutrition Program Assistant will be partnering with the Franklin High School Foods teachers Mrs. McClure and Mr. Viar. She will have six video lessons which will cover food safety, knife skills, healthy choices, physical activities and a cooking lesson each week.

Mrs. Carol has put together tote bags for the 75 students in Foods 1. The tote bags have liquid and dry measuring cups, measuring spoons, cutting board, meat thermometer, work book and water bottles.

The recipes that she will be teaching are:

Simple Spaghetti – where we will cover the importance of reading a recipe

Super Stir Fry – we will focus on correct knife skills

Omelets – the lesson will be on the importance of breakfast

Tuna Burgers – amazing affordable, healthy fat and very tasty

Chicken Quesadilla– simple low-fat options

Easy Skillet Lasagna – fun- so much better than hamburger helper

After the completion of the six lessons and pre and post evaluations the Foods 1 students will receive a certificate of completion and a cookbook.

tote bags being delivered

75 Tote bags full of cooking supplies for FHS Foods 1 Students being delivered.