Youth Livestock Show

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The 2020 Macon County Fair was officially canceled this September. Although the fair was canceled, the fair board members, the livestock committee and the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Macon County Center staff worked very hard to hold a socially distanced livestock show for the youth of Macon County. The fair board, the livestock committee, and N.C. Cooperative Extension of Macon County staff ensured that those kids who had started growing, training and working with their animals before the pandemic hit, still had an opportunity to exhibit all their hard work.

After several months of planning for the safety of the volunteers, the exhibitors and their family, the livestock show was held. Each category of livestock was held daily. Only the livestock being shown that day was brought to the fairgrounds and taken when the show was over. Guests were not allowed to attend the shows this year, only exhibitors and immediate family members were allowed. With the help from County Manager Derik Rowland, and Macon County IT Department, Ben Walker with Ben Walker media, live streamed all the livestock shows so family members and friends could safely watch from their homes. The public and businesses really stepped up and donated monies to pay Ben for his live streaming. Social distancing was required, wearing of masks at all times were required and signs were placed all over the fairgrounds encouraging wearing of masks and social distancing.

The Livestock Show began on Wednesday, September 23 and ran through Saturday, September 26, 2020. The show was judged by Sean Garcia, Agriculture Teacher, Cumberland County, NC. Macon County livestock show week was kicked off with a total 23 Meat and Dairy goats being shown on Wednesday night, a total of 18 4-H Market Steer Lambs on Thursday night, a total of 31 Swine/Hogs on Friday night and all day Saturday, a total of 40 Feeder Calves, Heifers and Steers were shown.

Although the pandemic sadly caused the 2020 Macon County Fair to be canceled, everyone worked together to ensure the hard work and money the kids and their families put into their animals was well worth it. A big thank you to the Macon County Fair Board and North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Macon County Center for all the hard work they put in to ensure the show was held and was held safely. Thank you to all the participants and families for following the rules and guidelines to ensure safety for everyone who attended.

The Macon County Fair

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