December 2020 Newsletter

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Macon County 4-H newsletter is changing from paper to email. I hope you are ready to try something new. We are ready to take advantage of some of the tools of technology that are available to us. While we love our paper newsletters, there are things that we are missing, such as instantly signing up for activities, getting information more quickly and being able to carry 4-H information with us during busy times. If you would like to receive the 4-H Newsletter via email monthly and you aren’t signed up for 4-H, please call our office at 828-349-2046 to get on the email mailing list.

As we switch from paper and call-in sign up to online newsletters and online signups, we are in a learning time. As our 4-H Motto says:  we “learn by doing.”  Please be patient with us as we try out these new systems and improve as we go.

Check out this month’s newsletters to find out what clubs are meeting, when they are meeting, and when you must sign up to attend, you can sign up online or by calling the 4-H office.

December 4-H News 2020

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