Top Chef 4-H Cooking Club Holds Sock Drive

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This Month Macon County 4-H Top Chef cooking club will be collecting Socks for the needy. Please help us reach our goal of 100 pairs of socks. You can drop them off at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Macon sock driveCounty Center, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Why Socks?
There are two main reasons socks are among the most valuable piece of clothing to people without permanent housing. For one, feet work overtime when there’s no cozy home (and laundry room) to return to each night. The other reason is that socks and underwear aren’t often donated or, when they are, the goods can’t be sanitized and put to use. If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes (no pun intended), you can see how clean, warm socks are a true treasure. To make a difference this season, consider holding your own sock drive for homeless and otherwise less fortunate families.
Tom Costello, founder of “The Joy for Socks” remembers going to a store and buying socks for the residents of a homeless shelter. He knew many of them were in need of clothing. At the shelter, Costello said, he dropped a pair of socks into a bag for a woman. She asked him if she could have socks for a friend who wasn’t with her that day. He gave her another pair. “She started to cry and told me that nobody had ever given me socks before,” Costello said. “Then she reached out and gave me a hug.”
Please consider donating socks and getting others to donate socks to the Top Chef 4-H Cooking Club “Sock Drive.” We would love to have over 100 socks to donate to the homeless in Macon County.