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4-H Youth Development

4-H is the largest youth development organization in North Carolina, educating hundreds of thousands of young people each year. Extension’s 4-H program is growing the next generation of leaders and equipping youth with the skills to succeed.

2019 Annual 4-H Plant Sale

Each year Macon County 4-H sells great fruit and berry plants to our families and the community. Our Annual …

Cover photo for 2019 4-H Enrollment

2019 4-H Enrollment

Our National and North Carolina State 4-H program has changed to an online system of enrollment. While this is …

2019 January 4-H Newsletter

It’s a new Year in Macon County 4-H. 4-H has lots of exciting activities going on. To find more …

4-H Horse Bowl Team Forming

December through February is Horse Bowl season. 4-H Horse Bowl is a fun, competitive, horse skills contest. If you …

Winter Woodworking Classes

Mr. Paul Chew will teach us woodworking in December. Winter is a great time to work on inside woodworking projects. Beginner …

December 2018 4-H Newsletter

Macon County 4-H has lots of exciting activities going on in December. To find more information on the clubs …

Macon County 4-H Enrollment Forms

See the following links for Macon County 4-H enrollment and medical forms. If you have any questions, please call the N.C. …

Recent Publications related to 4-H Youth Development

Figure 1. Developing goals and strategies.

Teaching From the Garden: Creating Transformative Learning Landscapes at Schools

This publication discusses learning opportunities and suggestions for planning, designing, and implementing school gardens.

Photo: Little fingers loosening roots before planting.

Growing and Cooking Fruits and Vegetables at Childcare Centers

This factsheet summarizes the benefits of fruit and vegetable gardening with children. It includes age-appropriate …

Stirring kale and dressing for a winter salad.

Snacking and Cooking With Cool-Season Produce From Childcare Production Gardens

This publication includes simple recipes that childcare center cooks and educators can use to engage …

Backyard composting bin

What CAN Be Composted?

List of items that can and cannot be composted at home.

Basic hive equipment.

How to Become a Beekeeper in North Carolina

Beekeeping is a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime that is relatively inexpensive to get started. …


Would You Like to Be a Wildlife Professional?

This educational resource for children aged 13-15 explains the physical and technical skills expected of …

Vermicomposting: A 5th Grade School Enrichment Curriculum

This publication offers 5 lessons for a school curriculum on the importance of vermicomposting, setting …


Home Composting with Earthworms

Worms can turn food scraps into a soil amendment called vermicompost — worm castings — …