4-H Summer Class – Cooking Up Confidence

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A normal summer at Macon County 4-H are camps, 4-H Cooking Up Confidence kidsclasses and field trips.

However, this summer we had to keep our 4-Hers involved with virtual programing. One of the virtual program was a 2-month Cooking Camp. “Cooking up Confidence”.

14 4-Hers attended our Cooking Up Confidence Virtual class. We met once a week for 2 months. They learned kitchen skills, food safety and knife skills. These activities built up their confidence in the kitchen. We started with a basic stacked sandwich full of a variety of vegetables. Then we practiced our knife skills making Super Chicken stir fry and fried rice. We also learned all about the importance of reading recipes and prepared a 15-minute soup. They learned the importance of breakfast and prepared a cheesy breakfast burrito. As July came in we honed in our skills and prepared homemade oven baked chicken nuggets and mini meatloaves.

Each week these 4-Hers were given a weekly challenge so they could practice their skills they had learned that week. There was a camp challenge where they had to make a “how to” video. The 4-H’ers were amazing we had videos of how to make a smoothie, how to make a real Ruben, and how to make a white sauce from scratch.

The 4-Hers received lots of cooking supplies including measuring cups, measur4-H Cooking Up Confidence kidsing spoons, cutting board, and a 4-H cookbook. Those that participated in the 9 classes received a string back pack and an apron with their name embroidered on them as well.

We are so excited to announce that we had 2 4-Hers awarded Honorable Mention, they participated in the majority of our classes, attempted the challenges and completed the video challenge. Congratulations to Mac Sinclair and Mary Way.

Two 4-Hers are awarded Top Chef Culinary Artist to Quinnlynn Siple and Lily Coker, they were awarded numerous kitchen tools to continue cooking!

Great Job!!! I hope they all enjoyed our summer of Cooking Up Confidence.

4-H Cooking Up Confidence kids 4-H Cooking Up Confidence kids