NC State Extension 2020 Annual Report

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NC State Extension Mission is to extend research-based knowledge to all residents of  North Carolina helping them transform science into everyday solutions that improve their lives and grow our state.

The COVID-19 Pandemic proposed many challenges, NC State Extension never stopped delivering research-based knowledge to the citizens of NC. In a message from Dr. Bonanno, Director, NC State Extension, said, “From Murphy to Manteo, including all 100 counties and the Eastern Band of Cherokee, over 1,000 NC State Extension professionals rose to the occasion, demonstrating unprecedented flexibility for unprecedented times.

When the pandemic took hold, we connected with audiences in new and innovative ways, utilizing tools and technology that transported Extension into homes, businesses, and communities. Rural and urban, small and large, high-tech and high-touch.

We operated a little differently in 2020, but the business of the day remained unchanged. As did the outcomes. Despite reduced in-person programming, Extension still offered nearly 20,000 educational activities, transitioning programs to virtual platforms and expanding our reach to more than 3 million people through our websites.”

Take a moment and check out our Stats and Strengths page to see many of the activities and resources we provided the citizens of North Carolina in 2020.

Extension Stats and Strengths

2020 Annual Report