Macon County 4-H Newsletter – May 2021

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May Greetings from Macon County 4-H. It’s 4-H Presentation time again! Show the 4-H world what you know, by doing a presentation. Summer is approaching quick and Macon County 4-H has some fun activities planned.

Check out May’s newsletter to find out about 4-H West District Presentation Competition,  4-H Summer Gardening Project, “Just Grow It” and all our great club activities, when they are meeting and when you must sign up to attend by, you can sign up online or by calling the 4-H office.

If you would like to receive the 4-H Newsletter via email monthly and you aren’t signed up for 4-H, please call our office at 828-349-2046 to get on the email mailing list.

Macon County 4-H Newsletter – May 2021

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